Investment alternatives

1) Investment of €150,000 into equity capital:

• Setting up a personal investment company;
• Joining in partnership with experienced and successful Latvian entrepreneur Viesturs Koziols.

2) Investment of €250,000 into real estate:

• Purchase of residential property.


• Investment into share capital of a limited liability company in Latvia, thus, setting up your Personal Investment Company, is easy and transparent as company formation process and banking system in Latvia is very efficient and well developed;

• Investment into share capital of any of companies by Viesturs Koziols that are active mainly in development and sales of residential and commercial property along with investment potential into Latvian infrastructure, transport, multimedia, timber and agricultural farming.

Your partner in Latvia

Viesturs Koziols

Viesturs Koziols

Viesturs Koziols (1963, Latvia) is Latvian real estate developer, media and sports entrepreneur, photographer, patron of arts, political and public figure. Mr. Koziols was adviser to the first and second Prime Ministers of Latvia, Ivars Godmanis and Valdis Birkavs, in the early 1990s. He was also adviser to the Minister of Economics of Latvia Juris Lujāns.

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